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Propagation Cube

Seedling plant growers use our eco-friendly Coco Propagation Cubes for seed germination. After 7-10 days, depending on the crop, healthy seedlings are easily transplanted directly to Tropical Coco Grow bags along with the Tropical Coco Propagation Cubes. This ensures maximum root safety and minimizes root shock during transplantation for every seedling. Since it's 100% biodegradable and organic, we also initiate to save the world by replacing inorganic Rockwool from piling up at nursery farms.

Our eco-friendly propagation cubes come with a special blend of coarse or fine coco peat, coco husk chips, designed to deliver the ideal air porosity and re-hydration ratio and become the perfect growing medium for young plants in the hydroponics, and professional horticulture industry.


Product Size – 450 ml, 700 ml & 1200 ml

Packaging – Loose in cartons

Label –  Customized Labeling orders are accepted

Shipment Packing – Palletized /Non-Palletized in Containers.


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