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Lay-Flat Grow Bag

Tropical Coco Grow Bags are filled with well-graded coco peat, ideal for growing vegetables, soft fruits and cut flowers in Greenhouse or Poly House Tunnels.

We offer Our Coco Grow Bags in different formats, sizes, and blends for use by professional growers in greenhouses & hydroponic systems.

Advantages of Tropical Coco Lay-Flat Grow Bags:

  • Media’s neutral pH of 5.5 – 7 allows it to efficiently release nutrients to plant roots and promote vigorous growth.

  • High water retention and easy re-hydration properties.

  • With its high air porosity, efficient drainage and low decomposition rate, growers can use our growing medium for multiple harvest seasons over 3 to 5 years.

  • This eliminates the need to replace growing media after every crop. *If the medium is free from any contamination/disease.

  • Provides the plant with high physical anchoring.

  • Weed, pest and pathogen free.

  • Bags can be removed easily if there is any infection or contamination; this ensures huge long-term savings in labour costs, time and effort for growers.

  • Plant spacing, dripper spacing and drainage holes can be pre-determined and customized as per growers’ needs.

  • Media is 100% organic and bio-degradable and hence easy to dispose of, after the 3 or 5 years, as organic fertilizer to top-up in existing soil or to blend as organic matter to the potting mix.

  • Bags come with drainage holes and handles that make them mobile and allow excess water to easily drain.

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