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Coco Peat Block

Tropical Coco Peat is produced from coconut shells in the process of extracting coconut fibers. We wash our cocopeat three times to reduce its sodium level and electrical conductivity (EC) and in its aging, we follow the RHP standard, free of weeds and other foreign matter. We guarantee stronger root growth in plants that use Tropical Coco Peat as a growing medium. Tropical Coco Block is also completely free of peat, has a stable pH, environmentally friendly, and 100% biodegradable.

We produce our compressed coco peat Tropical's blocks in different variants of 

  • 100 % Coco Peat,

  • Blend of Coco peat & Coco husk chips,

  • Blend of Coco peat & Short fibre.

to fits with the specific needs of the grower. We give our buyers the flexibility to choose the type that best suits their product needs, and our various coco peat blends offer different rehydration (water absorption) and media porosity capacities. Tropical Coco Block fills quickly and easily in planting bags, container pots, growth bags and vertical growth kits.

Ours Coco Peat Brands

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