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We Tropical Coir Industries specialist in Manufacturing Coir related Products since 2006 and Export's it to various parts of the World from the year of 2008. Our 15+ Year experience in the  Coco Substrates Manufacturing makes the Tropical Coir Industries one of the Top Coir Pith Manufacturing and Exporting Companies in India. Our Factory is located in the Coconut triangle of India which is familiar for Coconut Farming and Agriculture where the region receives both Northeast Monsoon and Southwest Monsoon,...

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Coco Peat Manufacturer  & Supplier

At Tropical Coir Industries, our core goal is to provide high quality coir products to help growers grow more ecologically and sustainably. We work hand-in-hand with growers worldwide to understand their unique needs. Our compressed Cocopeat substrates are customized to suit each growers’ individual requirements and our team is available for guidance on best possible growing solutions. Through our focus on using renewable raw materials, we look forward to helping your plants thrive and your business grow.


Talk to our expert and find out which product best suits your requirement.

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